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I've gone mostly friends-only. You'll still see some public posts, but most of the personal stuff is f-locked. If you have an account, please comment to be added.

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Music Meme, Day 1: Your favorite song

So I did this meme back in 2010, and with some breaks managed to get to Day 29 of 30. I was reading back through my LJ a ways and I'm inspired to post stuff. Guess I'll start by beginning this meme again.

Right now, this is my favorite song. I don't get the video, but I love listening to it.


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Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

Have you seen this yet? If not, you simply must.



Day 29. A song from your childhood

Day 29. A song from your childhood
"Hippopotamus Rock," Rosenshontz

I wasn't hopeful that I'd be able to find a song from my beloved Rosenshontz on YouTube, but here you go! It's one of my favorites. We saw them several times in concert growing up. Hey angelfishie, we should download some of the songs for Riley and Joshua!


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Day 28. A song that makes you feel guilty

Day 28. A song that makes you feel guilty
"I Love You," Sarah McLachlan

This song reminds me of housesitting and having someone over when I really shouldn't have.


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Day 27. A song that you wish you could play
"The Holly and the Ivy," George Winston

This is one of my favorite Christmas carols, and it's an incredible arrangement. I've been listening to it for years, since we had the cassette when I was growing up. (Also his version of "Carol of the Bells.") And I've always, always wanted to learn how to play it.

Maybe someday I'll end up with a piano the same way my mom did...someone who just didn't want to move it.


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Day 26. A song that you can play on an instrument
"Send in the Clowns," Stand Kenton & his band

Okay, I doubt I could play this song right now, but I could at one point, and could certainly do it again with some practice.

When I was a senior in high school, our jazz band played this song at the Berklee College of Music High School Jazz Festival. We didn't place in our division -- it was tough, our school was just big enough to be in the bottom of our level in terms of size -- but I was given the Judge's Choice Award for my performance on this tune. (I was also approached by one of the judges/professors, who suggested I go to one of the college scholarship auditions, because they were looking for jazz pianists.) One of my proudest music moments, and I was completely surprised. Well, we didn't have any crazy horn solo at the end, but rather a more drawn out piano solo section. And it was HARD -- lots of stretchy chords.


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Day 25. A song that makes you laugh

Day 25. A song that makes you laugh
"Entering Marion," John Forster

I cracked up the first time I heard this song, and it's still super funny years later! Very clever song. Extra funny if you're from or familiar with Massachusetts, for sure, but give it a go anyways!


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Day 24. A song that you want to play at your funeral
"The Cares Chorus"

I have strong memories of singing this song in church growing up. It's so sweet and comforting to me. I don't really want to think about what would be done at my funeral, but since this song has given me comfort in the past, I would hope that it would do the same for others. (It might be best to hide the window if you listen to the song, so as to avoid the very, very cheesy religious imagery.)


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Day 23. A song that you want to play at your wedding
"Favorite Adventure," K's Choice

I've had a few favorite love songs over the years, ones I'd kept in the back of my mind as "possible wedding songs." I've always thought it's one of those things you're either eager to discuss with friends, or something that seems sort of weird and like you should keep it to yourself. I'm one of the latter -- I always kept my wedding fantasies to myself, and still do to some extent. I'll reveal some of it for the sake of the meme, though. ;-) So here's the embarrassing part: early entries on the "possible wedding song" list included Dan Fogelberg's "Longer" and Neil Diamond's "Play Me." ("Longer" used to make me weepy!) But I'm happy to report that, thanks to vjlove and her wonderful Winter Pick-Me-Up Mix, the latest and greatest is "Favorite Adventure" by K's Choice. I listened to that mix so much over the years since Val gave it to me that I had to re-download all the songs and re-burn it to CD! And it was only just this past year that I realized how wonderful this particular song is. It's really quite perfect, actually, for the completely amazing relationship I'm in. So here are both the lyrics and the song for your enjoyment.

There you are
Your beauty consoles me
I've gone far
And I almost didn't find you
And I almost lived without you
There is nothing in this world
I'd rather do
Than live in you
Here we go,
Our favorite adventure
You should know
I was never more complete
And I never thought I'd see
The meaning of my life
Wrapped in you
Next to me
If you ever fear
Someday we might lose this
Come back here
To this moment that will last
And time can go so fast
When everything's exactly
Where it's at
Its very best


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